Nonviolent Peace Guerilla

My Friday Thoughts:

Yesterday I participated in an interesting negotiation game on Nagorno Karabakh with young Dutch political talents. The participants did a good job in the negotiations. It made me a bit sad though that they actually did a better job than the official negotiators. The difference is of course that for them it is a game, and their main goal was to show how well they could negotiate and find a solution for the conflict. They had the will to come to agreements, compromises and so they did.

In reality the key problem is that there is a complete lack of political will to make any creative, positive steps forwards. The leadership and the societies in the countries involved are “not ready”, and there is a lack of creativity and people’s power to breakthrough this cynical game.

And in the meantime violence is becoming more and more a ‘normal’ phenomenon, as the violence against peaceful demonstrators in Azerbaijan or the shooting of Paruyr Hayrikyan shows.

What I would like to see is a nonviolent peace guerilla. Like in war, when the opponent is much much stronger, you need to change your tactics. Against the massive hate propaganda machinery and the militarisation of society, only smart, small, funny hit-and-run, laugh-or-I-shoot actions will work.

Peace Activism 2.0, here we come! Please welcome the new Nonviolent Peace Guerilla!

Psssst, don’t tell any further: soon more about this!

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